The soulful, effortless sounds of vocalist and songwriter Amy D. envelop listeners in a dream-like fusion of jazz, soul, world, and R&B styles, bridging genres and generations alike. 

Combined with inspiring lyrics and heartfelt storytelling, her music is a timeless soundscape inviting reflection, healing, and growth. There is intentional meaning in it all.

In a time where the world invites innovation and diverse influence, Amy D.’s songs imbue a multitude of juxtapositions: nostalgia with modern themes, powerful purpose with soft sophistication, lightness and warmth with cool, blue depths. Throughout, her textures are lush and uncomplicated, infusing art with a colorful breath of fresh air.

First creating a stir in the San Francisco Bay Area and now beyond, Amy D. partnered with producer and master keyboardist Michael Aaberg (Goapele, Lalah Hathaway, Derrick Hodge) for her debut portrait album, LIKE YOU.

Amy D. is available for festivals, private events, house concerts, and a variety of engagements upon request. For performance inquires, visit the CONTACT page.


"Neo-soul artist Amy D. puts a heartfelt flame into a blend of jazz and R&B soundscapes. Colorful harmonies back up the powerhouse singer while catchy melodies are sure to swim around your psyche for days. Finally, seductive textures combined with modern sensibilities dress the song with an old school charm, while the lyrics grab any listener who’s ever had a crush on anyone ever."

Too Much Love Magazine

“Neo-soul artist Amy D. brings us a colorful new groove ‘Like You’ that honors self-love and diversity of culture and perspective. Filmed with an all female crew in Oakland, Amy D. created a video for the jazzy throwback featuring womxn and children of all shapes and flavors. Bay Area native Amy D. has a voice that rings through many eras. ‘Like You’ showcases a vibrato as smooth as honey, and a composition doused in modern textures and uplifting lyrics."

Grimy Goods